ROTOP Pharmaka GmbH

About us

Company building of ROTOP Pharmaka AG at the Campus of the HZDR

ROTOP Pharmaka GmbH has its roots in the former Central Institute of Nuclear Research in Rossendorf, Germany, where production of radioactive substances was started as early as 1958, shortly after the research reactor was put into operation. From these early beginnings, it has developed into one of the leading radiopharmaceutical centres in the world. The ROTOP logo was created as an identifying label for “ROssendorf isoTOPes” and their high quality. Its extensive range of products includes the production and distribution of 99mTc generators and 99mTc kits.

After reorientation of the research and production site at Dresden-Rossendorf in the 1990s, pioneering radiopharmaceutical research was carried out in the new research centre, now the “Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf” (HZDR). In addition, with the founding of ROTOP Pharmaka GmbH in 2000, a new base for the commercial production and distribution of 99mTc kits, in particular, was established. The company was launched successfully thanks to its expertise in radiopharmaceutical production and technetium chemistry in conjunction with the modern production facilities, which work according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The development of the company has been characterised by on-going diversification of its range of products, new marketing authorisations for its pharmaceutical products and worldwide expansion of its distribution network. Internal production is supplemented by domestic and foreign contract manufacturing and distribution of merchandise, while research and development are incorporated into strategic partnerships and collaborative projects. The growth of the company, whose legal structure has been converted to a public limited company, is also reflected in the construction of a new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Due to its geographic proximity, this modern production and office building, put into operation in 2010 on the campus of Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, also fosters further fruitful cooperation with HZDR’s radiopharmaceutical research department.

In 2014 Jens Junker took over the business operations of ROTOP, which has been converted into a limited liability company (GmbH) again on 15 September.

With its many years of experience and its business location at the Dresden-Rossendorf research site, ROTOP Pharmaka GmbH offers a modern pharmaceutical company with high GMP standards.

Here you can find our current GMP certificate. 

Our strengths are: 

- Qualified, highly motivated staff
- Proximity to clients, effective customer service
- Comprehensive product portfolio
- A new production facility
- A worldwide distribution network
- The flexibility of a small company
- Strategic partnerships and collaboration

We set high standards for ourselves and our work as well as for the quality and safety of our products, with our corporate culture being an important prerequisite for ROTOP’s success. Integrity, flexibility and efficiency are hallmarks of our company, whose activities are based on social and ethical principles.